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Android 5.0 Lollipop to Arrive on Most LG G3 Handsets This Week

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Following delivery of the Android 5.0 update to LG G3 on UK network Vodafone its manufacturer has confirmed that most owners of the flagship smartphone will get their lick of Lollipop by the weekend.

That’s right, according to information shared by TrustedReviews this ambitious claim does suggest the latest and sweetest version of Google’s mobile operating system will land on the LG G3 handsets on all UK networks as well as Pay As You Go at some point in the next two days. It’s exciting news for those who have been in envy of those who got to enjoy the new features first.

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As well as an appearance on Nexus 6 (which ushered it in) and LG G3 on Vodafone contract, the Android 5.0 update has reportedly touched down on some Motorola Moto and Samsung Galaxy devices in a select few regions of the world. Those who have been lucky enough to get it have been privilege to a slick user interface with ‘Material’ design, enhanced 3D effects and support for 64-bit hardware with new notification options and ambient display with helps increase battery life.

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LG will be the first mobile manufacturer to offer the brand new Android update on such a wide scale to its premium smartphone and claim that this advantage is due to their close partnership with Google on the Nexus 4 and 5 handsets. Production of the new Nexus 6 was handed over to Motorola as the first device with Android 5.0 pre-installed.