Android Music 3.0 leaked – Music streaming included

Shortly after Amazon launched their cloud-based music player, evidence that Google have something similar up their sleeves has appeared.

Tech from 10 somehow got their hands on the developer version of Android Market, which gave them access to software that is unfinished and unheard of, most notably an app called ‘Android Music 3.0’.

Android Music 3.0 is to the next iteration of Android’s stock music player, though it will include one major new feature –music streaming.  Other than the new cloud features, Android Music 3.0 is said to look very similar to the current version.

From the look of the Settings menu shown above, you’ll be able to stream music via Wi-Fi to your device, and cache music for later playback. This seems to point to a cloud-based service, as you would need to cache your music somewhere, ie; Google’s servers.

Via: Engadget

Source: Techfrom10