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Angry Birds Star Wars Extra ‘Jedi’ Levels Not Downloading for Some Mobile Gamers

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Angry Birds Star Wars took flight just under a week ago and already has had many of us Force fans glued to our Android, iOS and WP8 smartphones and tablets. Having devoured the first 80+ levels like Jabba the Hutt at a toad buffet, Rovio has anticipated we would be salivating for the next bite (an update that will reflect the events of The Empire Strikes Back) so has made available a smaller downloadable package of training levels entitled ‘Path of the Jedi’, but it seems for many this may be a path leading to nowhere..

Reports from Angry Birds gamers on the Google Play Store suggests that the in-app purchase costing (£1.49) is not being downloaded when the payment is confirmed, and the 40 Dagobah levels featuring Master Yoda and a new lightsaber disappointingly do not appear as expected.

When tapping the ‘Path of the Jedi’ stage, only the first level is playable and to move on we are asked again to pay for the content. App Store users also report the app is not downloading or working as expected.

At Gadget Helpline we were disappointed to find the levels not appearing for us too, and have gotten in touch with developer Rovio who confirmed the issues and told us “We’ve noticed a few issues with this and are trying to get some more feedback”.

In the words of wise Jedi Master Yoda “Do or do not. There is no try..”

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