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Angry Birds board game is a modern classic!

Today traditional board games are mostly dust-collecting antiquity of a bygone age, but “back in the day” you couldn’t go without playing a much-loved classic over the Christmas period or to pass the time on a rainy caravan holiday.

Many of the classics have gone mobile – Scrabble, Monopoly and Cluedo being amongst popular downloadables for our smartphones, with new exciting and addictive mobile-based games replacing even those old faves. However, we were surprised and delighted to see that the makers of top mobile title Angry Birds are making a backwards step and are acknowledging us nostalgics by releasing an official board game!

Just like the portable puzzler from Rovio Mobile, the Angry Birds “Knock on Wood” board game features real-life avian launching action, complete with 3 of the different birds found on your Android or iPhone gaming apps – along with catapult with variable scenery and green pigs as feather fodder.

Drawing mission cards, one of the 2-4 players must build the structure pictured, positioning the porkers in challenging locations – awaiting their furious fate – being blown away by those Angry Birds. It’s a simple idea, as the box declares “Build! Launch! Destroy!” – and of course if you know the mobile version you know the score!

Angry Birds “Knock On Wood” is available now from – Put down your mobile, get your mates around and enjoy a modern classic!

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