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Angry Birds fly to China for launch event – with exclusive merch and cakes!

We had to laugh at the grandiose claims of Angry Birds boss Peter Vesterbacka when he recently ranted about taking over the gaming and entertainment world, making their feathered franchise the first mobile game with one-billion fans – also there was some mentioning about becoming the biggest entertainment brand in China.

Oh we laughed alright, but it seems the avian invasion has already begun..

Rovio Mobile arrived in the Far East to push its gaming sensation. Launching not only the mobile game (with an exclusive “Mid-Autumn Festival” level – just for China), but also a range of tacky merchandising – including a random inventory of bags, hats, laptop cases and even Angry Birds branded shoes in the colours of – and featuring the faces of – the respective birds. To back up the pitch, Rovio were even generous enough to provide traditional Chinese style moon-cakes – obviously bastardized with Angry Birds motif.

So with a foot in the door, what’s the next flight of fantasy for the Angry Birds? 200 licensed stores across the country, perhaps? We’re not even joking..

For us Brits Angry Birds Rio has recently got a free update for Android gadgets in the form of Carnival Upheaval. You can now actually use the Rio mascot character Blu as a featured bird and there are 15 new levels waiting for you now on the Android Market!

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