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Angry Birds Land in Finland’s Largest Airport – Merchandise Store Opens For Business

International passenger planes aren’t the only thing landing at Finland’s Helsinki-Vantaa Airport from this week. And if you happen to be passing through the country’s main airport or planning on visiting the scenic forestry and serene lake areas you’re sure to spot them when you arrive. That’s right – the Angry Birds have come home to roost and are now setting up a souvenir shop in the fourth largest airport of the Nordic region.

Looking to capitalize on the popularity of the Angry Birds game once again, as well as seeking to benefit from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport’s massive human traffic, which saw 14,865,871 travellers passing through in 2011 alone, Rovio’s new bird-based kiosk is open for business offering a range of stuffed toys and memorabilia in a much more scaled-down version of the mainland Helsinki store which opened back in November, which sells literally all the tat surrounding the mobile gaming phenomenon. There’s no doubt that in its short two years Angry Birds has become Finland’s most successful export and its worldwide appeal is unrivalled (by all but the mighty KISS, perhaps – but that’s another story!)

After flying the nest and spreading their wings worldwide, the Angry Birds have made successful visits to countries such as China and their next destination will be Indonesia for the Valentine’s Day launch of the game for Facebook, which will happen next Tuesday in the countries capital of Jakarta.

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