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Angry Birds Seasons Updates for Apple and Android Devices with “Piglantis”

As Winston Churchill once decreed – “We will fight them on the beaches” – and that’s exactly where popular mobile game characters the Angry Birds will be taking its next battle against their egg-stealing pig foes, as Rovio gets set for summer with a series of new stages for the games season’s spin-off!

The first new update comes in the form of Piglantis and delivers 40 new levels to the frequently refreshed Angry Birds spin-off. In Piglantis the familiar platform smashing action remains, but this action not only takes place in the air but also the sea, taking a page out of the same physics book that brought us Angry Birds Space, the trajectory of your feathery projectile and the damage done can be altered by its buoyancy when it hits the water and floats.

So again, like what was started with the space age adventure’s gravity bubbles, our skill will once more be tested and environmental features must be factored into our attacks.

This isn’t a total game-changer like Angry Birds Space was, and Angry Birds Seasons is still the same game underneath with all the furious friends we know and love – it’s just had a very welcome little tweak to keep things fresh after the sequel was originally launched in October 2010.

Get the upgrade at Google Play for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS right now!

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