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First Angry Birds shop opens in Helsinki, Finland!

The first Angry Birds shop has opened spread its wings – or opened its doors in Helsinki, Finland, allowing avid avian addicts the chance to own items from a wide range of officially branded merchandise based on those feathered fellows and popping porkers from the popular Rovio Mobile game.

The store features boxes upon boxes of Angry Birds gear, stacked unsteadily from floor to ceiling resembling the very structures seen in the game for Android and iPhone gadgets and on Google Chrome web browser. In fact there’s even a life sized catapult instore for firing plush replicas of the feathered flyers if you fancy wrecking the place! There are  all the familiar birds in their various colours, shapes and sizes, as well as those pesky green pigs, large and small some with helmets and some without and much more that we’re yet to see.

We thought this was a bonkers idea when we first heard of it, but it goes to prove that Rovio boss Peter Vesterbacka’s vision was not so farfetched after all!

Angry Birds recently pulled 350-million downloads across its platforms, which include Android and Apple OS software on smartphones, tablets desktop. Stalbow states that on average 30-million active users fling the colourful feathered folk on a daily basis in the gaming app and that over 300-million minutes of play are recorded worldwide every single day. The birds also appeared on the cover of cult US magazine MAD – which has previously lampooned the likes of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

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