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Angry Birds Themed Activity Parks to Catapult into the Playground!

Earlier this week Angry Birds celebrated 2 years as the world’s favourite (and most addictive) mobile game franchise. In a feature, the Gadget Helpline discussed the direction the birds have flown since leaving the nest in 2009, the spin offs, the merchandising, the cakes and the upcoming movie. This evening we hear word that Peter Vesterbacka, the fast-squawking CEO of Rovio – the games creators – has been detailing the next step in the infectious bird flu – Angry Birds themed Activity Parks for kids!

UK company Lappset Group has been approached with the task of building a range of climbable, slidable and rideable playground features with something egg-stra special. The concept images show off a few of the 20 designs which when built will resemble the crudely built pig fortresses in the uber-popular app game for Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Chrome web-browser – and hopefully these structures will be a little more stable than the ones we’re used to toppling in the games!

Ambitious Boss Vesterbacka has been outspoken about his world domination plans for Angry Birds and has been speaking of the new Activity Parks as a way of uniting youngster throught their love of the game: “We will be developing a service which brings together the digital world and the physical world in a way that’s never been seen before. The popularity of Angry Birds isn’t restricted to any age, sex or social group, and the activity parks will be designed to be interesting places for absolutely everyone, all around the world.”

The Angry Birds Activity Parks will pop up in Finland in the New Year, followed presumably by the UK – since the playground designers are based here. We look forward to launching our mates in a massive catapult!

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