Angry Birds for Windows Phone pushed back to June 29th

Angry Birds. Angrier gamers?

The popular game featuring those addictive aggravated avians was set to land on Windows Phone on May 25th but now it seems that fans of Angry Birds won’t get their fix until at least June 29th.

Slight change of plan – Now landing June 29th.

No word whether this pushback relates to friction between the game’s makers Rovio and Microsoft after the mobile gaming company’s boss slammed the House of M for its lackluster approach to bringing Angry Birds to Xbox 360 – or whether Microsoft are trying to keep gaming mobile owners keen by planning a weekly release schedule for its games.

With popular titles such as Sonic 4 and Plants vs. Zombies coming in the same month, it’s more than likely Microsoft would aim to please gamers in installments while guaranteeing each game its individual success.

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