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Angry Birds – Angry Boss slams Nintendo and Microsoft!

It seems we now know where those Angry Birds get all their anger from – as Rovio Mobile boss Peter Vesterbacka has unleashed a tirade on both Nintendo and Microsoft during an interview to games industry website

This interview assault follows Nintendo’s claim that mobile smartphone games such as Angry Birds are damaging to the games industry at large.

In the article posted yesterday, Vesterbacka, the CEO of the company behind the mobile gaming phenomenon, says harshly “If I was trying to sell a $49 piece of plastic to people then yes, I’d be worried too.” – this in regards to Nintendo’s hugely successful Wii console.

He goes on to say “But I think it’s a good sign that people are concerned – because from my point of view we’re doing something right.”

Microsoft also received a lashing from the CEO who addressed the delay and possible end to plans for Angry Birds on XBox 360.

In regards to Microsoft’s policy for updating software which has delayed the Angry Birds from landing on Xbox he rants “Is that out fault? No, that’s their problem. There is no reason why, when you do digital distribution on console, you couldn’t do frequent updates. It’s just a legacy way of thinking. If the consoles want to stay relevant they have to start mimicking what’s going on around them on app stores, smartphones and online.”

This is a surprising slam on the console industry considering Rovio are so keen to get their product out on Sony’s Playstation and the Ericsson Xperia PLAY platforms as soon as possible. With Nintendo and Microsoft being given the verbal beatdown we have to wonder what Sony are thinking of Vesterbacka’s rant!

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