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App of the Week: Frankie Farkal

This week we take a walk on the childish side with a look at the Frankie Farkal Apple iOS app.

Now anyone who has spent 5 minutes in the company of a 8 year old will know the appeal bodily functions have with the youngsters and tie this in with the need to entertain, Frankie Farkal may be your daytime savior.

The app is priced at 69p from the Apple App store and its main focus is on our hero Frankie Farkal. The app itself is simple; you can interact with Frankie and get a range of comments, motions and bodily functions from the cheeky Rasta Scot.

Opening the App will have Frankie explain exactly what the App does with the man himself asking you to “Poke him, shake him and see him dance” and then advising you “Press on any part of my body to see what happens”

This is where the magic happens, as the tapping the Mr Farkal will bring the man to life with a range of different responses to areas of his body. A tap of the hat will see Frankie greet you, the feet will see Frankie showcase some of his dance moves and the jewel in the crown is a poke of the belly which will see Frankie let lose a selection of trouser trumps, and we all know that children from all over the world, in every household chuckle with the sound of wind.

Frankie also has a talkback option where you can speak to Frankie (who listens intently) and he will then repeat back what you have said in his deepened Rasta tones.

The app also uses your devices accelerometer so shaking the device will get Frankie moving and spinning about the screen and even falling over when you place your iOS device down.

The real magic of Frankie Farkal happens when you put the App in the hands of a child as the humour, good natured attitude and all-round playfulness of Frankie will have little faces lit up and giggling for hours. All for the price of 69p and a few fart sounds booming around your house.

The Frankie Farkal app works on iOS 4.3 or above and is a universal app so will on both the iPad and iPhone natively.

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