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App of the Week: My Game Stats

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Developer: Lloyd Skull

For: iOS 5.0+ on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Price: £0.69p

Whether you play casually with your mates once a week, you play as a part of a team or you’re a grassroots footballer hoping to make it big time, MyGameStats is the one app you must have on your iPhone.

MGS is essentially a stats tracker for both players and managers, and one that’s intuitive and easy to use. It allows you, the player, to rack up a whole host of stats throughout a season, which can then be shared socially via Twitter, Facebook and Email.

You can download MyGameStats as a free app to trial, and in-app purchases can be made to get the full Player or Manager options. Both will give you even more options to add to your stats, with the Player app allowing up to 3 players to be tracked and the Manager app tracking 20 – enough for the whole team!

Adding stats for every game is an easy yet very intuitive process, with a slick menu layout and great graphics. Anybody can pick up MyGameStats and use it with ease.

Free App

Everybody starts off with the free app, which can be downloaded from the App Store. With the free app you can continually add to your current season, inputting statistics for each game as you go. Each player can add stats for each game, including goals scored and conceded, the team played against, and how long you played for. Every game saved goes into your season, where you can view matches in detail along with your totals and averages over the entire season.

The free version even offers players the ability to share their achievements socially via Facebook, Twitter and Email, so you can show your team mates how you’re progressing or even impress a potential new club’s manager.

Player App

The Player app takes things further, and is available as an in-app purchase. Expanding on the free app greatly, the player app allows three different players or profiles to be added rather than one. This is ideal for players who want to track stats for their team mates, or those who play for several different teams.

When adding stats for a single game you’ll find a multitude of new options, including the type of match – be it league or cup, – home or away, the overall result and even yellow and red cards. These features combine with the options in the free app to provide a truly comprehensive overview of every game, and then the entire season at the end.

Manager App

The Manager app gives you the ultimate control, with the options to add up to 20 players and track their individual progress with ease, season on season. As a manager you’ll be able to see your games won, lost and drawn, number of cards, total goals scored and conceded and much more. Won the league? Why not share your success from within the app via Facebook, Twitter and Email.

So whether you’re a casual 5-a-side player, youth team manager, or semi-pro, MyGameStats is a must-have app for you. Download it now from the App Store.

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