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Apple Airplay unofficially drops on Windows Media Center

Apple’s Airplay has crossed the technological race barrier to drop on Microsoft wares – kinda.

A developer by the name of Thomas Pleasance has sneakily devised an unofficial add-on for Media Center that when active will allow an iPhone 4 to directly stream your videos and photos to a Windows PC wirelessly.

You can grab the pleasant add-on now from the developer’s website – (wouldn’t you guess). Once the add-on is attached your iPhone will identify Windows Media Center as an Airplay enabled gadget and away you go

The software is currently in beta, so leaves a little to be desired though it’s great to see the potential between both platforms. At present only video and photo streaming works, but Thomas says Music streaming will make an appearance soon. Maybe one day we’ll see this become legit – but it’s a day which is a long way off!

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