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Apple Bring 16GB iPod Touch 5th Gen Up To Date With New Features

You may or may not have noticed that the current 5th gen 16GB iPod Touch on offer differs slightly from their larger capacity siblings in terms of its features and aesthetics. All this could be about to change.

Apple are now said to be releasing a new 16GB 5th gen iPod Touch that will mirror the current 32/64GB versions. Released in October 2012, the 32/64GB 5th gen iPod touch features an additional iSight Camera and an iPod Touch Loop, which the current 16GB version doesn’t have. The new iPod Touch will also be available in 6 bright colours and will end up with a cheaper price tag of around £116.

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Reports from say that the new iPod Touch is said to be launching next Tuesday. Specifications and prices weren’t verified but did mention that it wasn’t a modification of the entire iPod touch line, just that one particular model.

No doubt reductions in the cost of parts have been what have enabled Apple to do this for a much cheaper device; as previously maybe only the more expensive models would have made it worth their while. Hence why it has taken nearly two years after the original launch for them to put this into motion.

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Apples 5th generation iPod touches are more unique in their design with their bright colours and thin design. Their specifications however leave little to be desired as they are sub-standard to the iPhone 5s featuring only an A5 chip and 5 megapixel iSight camera. This basic spec could be another reason contributing to the low price as other devices on the market trump the iPod touch in terms of spec.

It hasn’t yet been confirmed as to the future of the already existing 16GB iPod touch, but speculations include a price drop or even being discontinued to make way for its upgrade.

Source: MacRumors