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Google Glass RAM Doubled – New OS Software to Follow

Have you ever been just walking around town minding your own business when a thought just pops into your head: ‘I wish my glasses had more RAM’. No, me neither. However, Google have had this realisation and have decided to beef up the Glass by doubling its RAM from 1GB to 2GB and increasing the size of the wearable product’s battery. These hardware updates will be available from now but existing owners won’t receive the update to their existing systems.

The better battery is said to provide around 15% longer between charges and the additional RAM should allow more programs to run at the same time. In addition to this, the increased RAM decreases the amount of time it takes for the wearable tech to turn on.

The Android based operating system Glass uses is said to now include a voice-activated view finder and the ability to remember where you’ve parked along with the ability to track packages etc. These software tweaks aren’t just available on the new hardware – they will be available to all owners.

On the subject of Software, Google have now made their Livestream video-sharing app available on their MyGlass store. The software allows Glass to live broadcast what they are viewing… which I’m sure could lead to a few awkward situations and be frowned upon in cinemas! All you need to do to start the broad cast is use the command, ‘OK Glass, start broadcasting’. This broadcasting service is free to view by other Livestream users but would be a chargeable service to view for non-registered Liverstream views.

All of these updates nicely coincide with the release of Glass in the UK, the Glass is priced at £1000 and arrives 2 years after its extreme launch in the US. Hopefully the release of a more powerful version of the product with see the ‘old’ Glass sales to increase on eBay and make it more available to the masses but the product is still a long way off being a readily available consumer product.

£1000 to look like Joe 90. Sounds like a great deal to me.