Apple Improves Apple Care + Policy

You are no doubt aware, avid reader, of Apple Care+. It is an extended warranty that adds 48 months of manufacturers warranty to your Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and now Beats Headphones. It also returns owners of the Apple Watch “Edition” three years of extended coverage. In its first iteration, Apple Care+ would reluctantly replace any of the covered devices once the battery could no longer hold a charge of more than 50% of the original specifications. Thankfully however, Apple has made a few quiet changes that hugely improve the value of the extended warranty. Though, it is important to note that Apple Care does not cover any more than 2 accounts of accidental damage – you’d need insurance for anything more.
Since this quiet change though, Apple have stated that with Apple Care+ they will cover a battery that cannot hold a charge greater than 80% of the part’s original specs. That means instead of waiting for your battery to lose 50% of its capability, you are covered if it loses just 20% of its capacity. Apple says that it will fix the defect for free with new parts or parts that are equivalent to new in performance. Or, if that can’t be reasonably accomplished, it will replace the covered product for free with a new unit or one that is equivalent. Of course, by “equivalent” that does mean a refurbished one.
The cost of Apple Care+ is $99 (£62.99) for an Apple iPhone or iPad. For Apple Watch, it depends on the model you own. The range starts at $149 (£94.99) for an Apple Watch Sport model and runs as high as $1600 (£1016) for an Apple Watch Edition timepiece. Out of warranty battery replacement costs $79 (£50) for the iPhone and Apple Watch and $99 (£62.99) for the iPad.

Here is all Apple have released on the matter:
“If during the Plan Term, you submit a valid claim by notifying Apple that (i) a defect in materials and workmanship has arisen in the Covered Equipment, or (ii) the capacity of the Covered Equipment’s battery to hold an electrical charge is less than eighty percent (80%) of its original specifications, Apple will either (A) repair the defect at no charge, using new parts or parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability, or (B) exchange the Covered Equipment, with a replacement product that is new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability.”-Current Apple Care+ battery coverage


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