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Apple to integrate Apple Maps and Siri into car systems with iOS 7

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Apple is looking to push its Maps and Siri features further with the forthcoming launch of new iOS 7 software, with reports of both being tightly integrated with car navigation systems.

The Cupertino Company launched an initiative with iOS 6 called ‘Eyes Free’ that would enable the use of Siri whilst driving, with the iPhone screen turned off. However, sources of 9to5mac are now talking of a much deeper integration where iPhone users will be able to beam Apple Maps from an iPhone to the dashboard display in a vehicle.

It’s thought that the technology will work in a similar way to display mirroring, with an iPhone docked in-car and the content from Apple Maps then mirrored on to the car’s own navigation system somehow.

Siri will also play a part, acting as the control system for Apple Maps in cars using this type of setup. Of course, some cars will have touchscreen displays and some will have dedicated control buttons on the dash. Neither of these will really work to control an iPhone, so Apple will look to use voice control with Siri to get things done.

Apple is thought to be revealing iOS 7 as a major software upgrade for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch at its annual WWDC event in June. The software will then go public as an upgrade later in the year – likely around the same time as the next iPhone launch – although it’s thought that this in-car functionality may not be present at the very start.

The company will still need to go through rigorous testing with various makes and models of car to see how well the idea works, and of course Apple Maps will require some tweaking and polishing to make it a worthy alternative to most modern cars’ built in navigation systems.

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