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Apple is already introducing fixes to iOS 6 Maps

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In light of the recent debacle and following public apology by CEO Tim Cook, Apple has already begun quietly adding fixes and resolving the many issues that have plagued its Maps application for iOS 6.

Although the app itself hasn’t been updated via the App Store as such, the data contained within has been added to in order to amend users’ complaints. Users around the globe are reporting improvements to the 3D Flyover feature as well as towns being in the right places and not in the sea.

Several users have written in to Apple-centric news site 9to5mac to confirm the changes, with reports coming in from New Zealand, the US and even our fair isle of the United Kingdom.

One particular user in New Zealand reported a highway exit that was mysteriously missing in Apple Maps has now been added in – in fact, somehow it’s an entire roundabout in the middle of a rather large main road that was missing.

Over in the UK we’ve experienced various issues, including incredibly inaccurate locations for places and small towns being missing entirely. Users have reported that the town of Uckfield, East Sussex, is now found in the correct location.

Apple’s intriguing yet sometimes disappointing 3D Flyover feature in iOS 6 Maps is also reportedly being fixed. We’ve seen some hilarious screenshots of this feature gone wrong thanks to The Amazing iOS 6 Maps Tumblr page, but now it looks as though Apple is working hard to make the page irrelevant. Areas in New York, Hawaii, Honolulu, Los Angeles and San Francisco have been improved, with some areas being fixed and some being added. One such example is the Statue of Liberty, which now stands tall as it should, rather than looking like a strange 2D shadow.

We’re glad Apple is fixing Maps as quickly as possible, but it looks like they still have a way to go yet. Have you noticed any improvements?

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