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Apple iOS 7.1 update will fix ‘White/Black Screen of Death’

Having owned three different models of iPhone, the 4, the 4s and now the 5s and my better half having owned the 3GS, the 4 and now the 5 I would say we know iPhones pretty well and have used a few generations of the iOS system.

I loved my 4S running the previous OS but have not got along with the 5S running iOS 7 at all, don’t get me wrong the finger print scanner is a great gimmick and the 5S has so great features but it is let down by a few glitches with iOS7 – none quite as frustrating and well-known as the ‘White/Black Screen of Death’ – the colour the screen solely depending on the colour of your phone.

This glitch, essentially, resets the device completely out of the blue, so you could be sending a text or using an App or whatever really and the next thing you know you’re just sat there waiting for the main screen to return while it reboots. Everything that you were doing has been interrupted and, more annoyingly, your thought-stream interrupted as well. From my personal experiences I have not noticed a pattern in when this occurs but some users have suggested it happens when the battery reaches a certain level.

Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel: An Apple spokesperson has told Mashable that there is “…a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash” and by upcoming software we are assuming they are talking about the iOS 7.1 update that is currently being Beta tested by developers .

It is rumoured that this fix will coincide with the release of iOS 7.1 which will also include some minor bug fixes and interface improvements – such as new accessibility options. This is a very welcome update and will hopefully round off what is a very capable operating system boasting considerable improvement on previous versions and offering a more fluid navigational experience. Our favourite feature is being able to close more than one App at a time in multitasking by firing them up the screen with two fingers. A simple improvement but a good one none the less.