… In Germany that is! Sorry to get your hopes up but it appears that two lucky German tech fans have really benefited from German efficiency, and have received their pre-orders of the Apple iPhone 4S handset 3 days earlier than its October 14th worldwide release date.

Deutsch mac loving website Macerkopf.de have been leaking information from its released iPhone 4S devices and have posted a host of images of the handset working and running all the big features including the voice control system called Siri.

These early releases mean is that the 1 million Pre-Orders that have been made to the manufacturers and networks seem to be getting shipped ASAP by Apple before the inevitable meltdown that happens on Friday when the product gets released in shops.

The new handset was announced last week after huge hype, but there was a little feeling of deflation for some, as instead of the proposed iPhone 5 Apple instead opted for an updated version of the iPhone 4.

The 4s has notable improvements in its new A5 Dual-Core processor (the same one from the iPad 2) which reportedly clocks in at 68 per cent faster than the iPhone 4. Also a new 8-megapixel camera with Full HD 1080p video capture is onboard, there is a new 64GB size, but most importantly it will have the new Siri voice activated personal assistant service where your iPhone will basically talk to you and perform all those menial tasks like calling your mum, booking Calendar appointments and playing music.

The good news is that Apple’s iTunes 10.5 update is out now and the release of Apples iOS 5 operating system is also due today, so keep checking our news feed for the latest updates.

We can be sure that over the next couple of days that there will be new leaks and numerous early releases, but we cannot wait until Friday to get our iPhone on.

Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday… Party and Party and Yeah. Sorry.

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