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Apple iPhone 6 Camera Pixel Size Increase for Better Quality Pictures

With technology moving forward as fast as it is, we knew it wouldn’t be long before someone addressed the issue of poor low light photography. Finally, Apple has.

They’ve been working on the iPhone 6 and giving it larger pixels and optical image stabilisation according to details shared on Weibo by ESM China analyst Sun Chang Xu. This means better quality low light photography and smoother video footage.

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The article suggests that as more light is captured the picture quality will be vastly improved because the iPhone 6’s camera will hold a larger pixel size of 1.75 um. This is larger than that of its predecessor, the iPhone 5, whose pixel size is 1.5 um. In this case, bigger is better.

However this low light adaptation means that when the light levels are high it could potentially cause more blur. Fret not, Apple are working on this too. They are alleged to be incorporating an electronic optical image stabilisation feature to battle this foreseen problem and to hopefully alleviate it.

Crammed with features, the iPhone 6 will feature a pressure, temperature and humidity sensor, which can be utilised by the Apple iWatch to monitor heart rate and oxygen levels.

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Following Apples previous releases of having at least two versions of their newly developed phones, no doubt they will be doing the same for the iPhone 6. They are said to be releasing two size variations, on with a 4.7 inch screen, and another with a 5.5 inch display later on in the year. The delay in releasing the two models at the same time is down to manufacturing constraints and getting the battery to be thin enough to fit specifications.

The Apple iPhone 6 will more than likely be the debut device to feature Apple’s iOS 8. The OS is said to offer enhancements to Siri, Maps and iCloud as well as the support for the iWatch features.