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More Apple iPhone Lite plastic casing leak online?

More images of the rumoured Apple iPhone budget handset have reportedly landed online once again showing off a plastic base for what is reported to be a new iPhone budget handset. Images of the back cover have been leaked online by Sonny Dickson, an iOS developer via his Twitter account where the developer has multiple images of the supposed iPhone casing.

A budget version of the Apple iPhone has been rumoured for years, but in the past few month more and more information about a Plastic based handset have been appearing online. These images seem to back up the previous leaked images of the budget iPhone with the same shape, colour and sizing.

One thing that the leaked images on Twitter do suggest is that if the handset is real, it will be a similar size to the current iPhone 5 handset. What is expected form the new iPhone is a lower resolution scree, slower processor and plastic build.

Additionally thanks to the Plastic casing the iPhone Lite is looking set to come in a multitude of colours and in the pictures a Lime Green, Pink, blue and Red version of the phone can be hinted at.

The next generation of the iPhone flagship devices are currently looking set to be revealed around September, with the iPhone 5S widely accepted as the next iteration. The 5S is looking set to be an incremental update on the current iPhone 5 with performance and camera improvements.

Thoughts are that Apple will launch the iPhone 5s and Budget iPhone Lite at the same time both running the latest Apple iOS 7 software.

You can see more images at the @SonnyDickson Twitter feed.