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Apple launches 128GB variant of the iPad 4

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True to the rumours we heard earlier this week, Apple has launched a new 128GB version of its current iPad 4 tablet with iOS 6.

The model tops Apple’s iPad range, superseding the 64GB model and becoming the first ever iOS device to sport the huge 128GB memory capacity.

The new tablet will be available in WiFi and 3G (Cellular) models as per usual, although Apple hasn’t yet added the product to its web store or revealed pricing.

Asides from the giant leap in storage size, the device will be identical to all other iPad 4 models: that means a 9.7-inch Retina display, quad-core processing power, dual-band Wi-Fi, 4G connectivity (Cellular model only) and iOS 6.1.

The 128GB version comes in both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular versions, and will be available Tuesday, February 5 from Apple retail, Apple online and Apple authorized resellers in both black and white, though Apple have not confirmed if this will be released the same day in the UK.

UPDATE: The beast will be available in the UK from February 5th and will cost £639 for the WiFi only model or £739 for the WiFi + 4G version.