Apple Launches Public Beta for IOS 8.3

So as any of you shinier iPhone users probably know iOS 8.2 was released on Monday (still using an iPhone 4 here so not for me), that’s not a high enough number for everyone though. Do not fear Apple’s got you covered.

After getting a lot of very helpful feedback during OS X Yosemite’s public beta period over the summer, Apple have decided (took them long enough) that beta programs can indeed be incredibly use full, so they have announce they are kicking off a public beta program for iOS, beginning with a non-final build of iOS 8.3 available to testers starting today.

I’m not sure when the program actually went live, Apple appear to have flipped the switch on the sly. They have been sending out the invites to selected users, currently only those form the existing OS X beta pool, and not everyone in that either. No word on how many of you will see this chance of possible running a very buggy version of the new build early either.

Back when this whole thing was just a rumor, it seemed as though only 100,000 people would get access to the program when it finally launched. Assuming you are lucky enough to get in, the installation process seems dead simple — you’ll install a special profile that instructs your phone to pull updates from a beta software channel.

Those of you who do get invited bear in mind this is public beta in the sense that you don’t have to be a developer to use it. It does not mean public in the sense you can tell everyone about all the new features. Apple still wants to keep them under lock and key. Not gonna happen I imagine the details are already out there.

You can register on Apple’s Beta Software site here.



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