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Apple Mac OS X Yosemite released today with iOS 8.1 out Monday!

At last nights Apple event in Cupertino, Apple not only confirmed a new line-up of Apple iPad and Mac devices, but the company also unveiled its new upgrades to Mac OS X and iOS 8 are launching.

Straight off the bat Apple will be releasing the new version Mac operating system, OS X Yosemite (which was announced at June’s WWDC) for today, October the 16th, and that on Monday they will be rolling out the latest 89.1 upgrade to the iOS operating system.

Both will be widely available for Mac and iPhone users to download and upgrade too free of charge, though the iOS 8.1 upgrade might not be landing immediately on Monday (the 20th October) as they tend to come out in batches.

OS X Yosemite comes as a major upgrade to the previous system as it brings a new and simple design that brings the look in line with the new in iOS 8 software. Yosemite will bring many iPhone tie-in features that’ll allow you to do a few mobile-esq things like answering calls and send text messages via your Mac.

To get OS X Yosemite users will need at least 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage free for the upgrade, and they must also have Snow Leopard installed for Mac App Store access.

You can get the software by just clicking the “Update” notification alert you should soon receive on your Mac., of for the impatient you can download the update manually via the Mac App Store.

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And as for iOS 8, the 8.1 update be the first major update (in that it’s a 0.1 upgrade) to the OS that has only been out a month, but its brings the new Apple Pay wallet service, the iCloud Photo Library in beta, and Camera roll and some changes that bring the OS in line with OS X Yosemite for integrated features.

This iOS 8.1 upgrade will come over the air, or if you want to force the update you can also plug it into Apple’s iTunes software on Monday.