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Apple Rumoured to Unite Beats Music with iTunes

With sales of music downloads on the decline, partly due to the rise in success of streaming services like Spotify, Apple is reportedly scheduling to unite Beats Music with iTunes in a hope to hinder the demise of Apple.

One of the suspected reasons for Apples interest in the company was for their music streaming service; recent news from The Wall Street Journal seems to have proven these rumours right.

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Since Apple acquired Beats earlier this year, there have been very few developments between the two music services. This unification will be the first major change and could help Apple claw back their losses.

The Wall Street Journal found that iTunes sales have plummeted by around 13-14% worldwide since the beginning of 2014. This is a vast decrease in sales compared to 2013 where there was a 2.1% fall globally.

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It’s expected that the relaunch will happen in 2015 and will be incorporated into iTunes helping the service to roll out globally. Beats Music is currently only available in the US for a $10 a month fee. It has been suggested that the fee has been part of their downfall through not offering a free version containing adverts. No doubt Apple will address this in their adaptation.

Whether or not these rumours come to fruition remains to be seen, but it certainly couldn’t any harm if Apple were to take a step in the streaming direction.

Source: Digital Spy