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Apple vs Samsung Case Reveals Sales Numbers and Details

The ongoing Apple vs Samsung lawsuit has been throwing up some interesting information to the public as many features and bits of information have to go live to as part of the legal wrangle.

The latest bit of information to appear is the sales data from both of the companies, which showcases Apple and Samsung’s amazing sales over the past few years.

Apple, between 2007 and the second quarter of 2012, sold a whopping 85 million iPhones in the US which has in total made $50 billion in revenue. Plus Apple have sold 46 million units of the iPod Touch (revenue of $10.3 billion) and since its first launch in 2010 the Apple iPad range has sold over 34 million units, which generated a cool $19 billion in revenue.

Now Samsung, whilst not having a bad time, have obviously not done as well as Apple, but the with the manufacturer’s resurgence in the past two years, figures are looking good. Between June 2010 and June 2012 Samsung sold 21.25 million phones which equates to $7.5 billion in revenue, and tablet-wise the Galaxy Tabs shipped 1.4 million devices, producing $644 million revenue.

Samsung’s numbers are also interesting when you look a little deeper, as unlike Apple, the manufacturer has several ranges of handsets unlike Apple’s standard         ‘one product at a time’ release.

In Samsung’s sales breakdown it shows that the Galaxy S2 is Samsung’s biggest seller, with 4.1 million sold in the US followed by the Galaxy Prevail with 2.25 million and the Epic 4G with 1.89 million.

Apparently lawyers for both companies fought hard to keep the sales figures from public view but obviously they had to let it go, so now we get to see just how well Samsung and Apple are doing. The end game of the sales figures is that if the jury finds one side was guilty of patent infringement, it’ll use the numbers to determine damages, and boy are they going to be big!

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