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Apple To Settle Proview iPad Lawsuit In China?

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It would appear that the on-going legal battle between Chinese company Proview and Apple may be finally coming to an end.

The litigation started due to Proview claiming they still had ownership of the trademark ‘iPad’ in China. Proview originally owned the world-wide rights to the name, however back in 2006 Apple purchased the world-wide rights to use the trademark when a company associated with Apple paid $55,000 for it. Although, Proview are claiming that the sale of the ‘global trademark’ did not include two trademarks in mainland China.

The legal proceeding have been on-going since 2010, in which there has been many twists and turns. However, it would now seem that a Chinese court is trying to get the two companies to reach some sort of an agreement.

And now, according to the latest reports, it would seem that Apple are prepared to offer a settlement figure in order to put the matter to rest, although Proview has yet to agree a deal.

It’s no news that Proview are in financial trouble, and monetary compensation is just what the company is after. Early last month the company had to deal with a liquidation request from one of its creditors, so a pay-out from Apple will most probably help the company pay off its debts.

No doubt you’ll be aware that Apple recently launched its latest iPad back in March. However, the company has not yet launched the tablet device in China. Therefore it’s quite possible that Apple are hoping to settle this trademark feud before it does.

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