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Apple Smartwatch Rumored to Feature 10 Sensors

A fresh rumor is going around about the purported Apple Smartwatch – a device we have been extensively covering which may be moving towards what everyone expects to be an imminent announcement. New info on the upcoming slew of these next generation wrist mounted smart devices arrives nearly every day, with devices expected from big names such as Microsoft, Google, Samsung and of course Apple.

Today’s rumor about the Apple Smart watch not only suggests that the device will be released with such an impressive array of sensor, but also seems to hint at the availability of multiple models with different features, presumably at different prices. The Wall Street Journal, the source of the information, has claimed that the device will ship with ‘multiple screen sizes’ further backing up this speculation.

The Journal goes on to say that Apple are coming ever closer to launching the device, which they say contains 10 sensors. Speculations on what those might be include accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, compass, heart-rate monitor, altimeter and an ambient light sensor to name a few. Competing companies such as Samsung and Google have already billed these in their Smartwatches, so it could be that Apple wants to combine all these features under one roof.
These sensors, according to the Journal, are mostly designed to monitor fitness and wellbeing, with the gyroscope and accelerometer being the most basic tools for tracking motion and recording actions such as steps, strides or jumps, and then extrapolating their impact on the body through the heartbeat sensor to record the user’s overall fitness.

A recent nugget of info from The New York Times suggested that the Smartwatch was also to include technologies designed to recharge the device while it is being used, in a less conventional fashion than simply plugging it in. Light absorption, kinetic movement and wireless power transfer have apparently been considered to extend the battery life of the purported iWatch.
Release rumors suggest something big may be heading our way this October, with the Wall Street Journal suggesting that production of this iWatch could very well begin within a month. If this is true we could very well be seeing more than just an iPhone release this year.

Source: Wall Street Journal