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Apple Snaps Up Domain Name – Confirms Next Mobile Gadget?

Apple afficionados, prepare to get a little bit excited – Your beloved tech maker has reportedly registered the web domain name for what could be its next iPhone. has been snapped up by Apple, leading us to believe that the rumours are true and the next gen mobile will be upon us this year.

Somewhat confirming the rumours that the gadget is currently in production in China (a country which itself is currently without an Apple mobile), a new larger-screened, but longer and thinner iPhone, which is now pretty much confirmed as being called the iPhone 5 – a truly reimagined device and not another incremental update like the current 4S model release in October 2011.

This would mean that the iPhone 5 should be arriving a year later around October of this year featuring that new more generous 4″ display – but not featuring a liquid metal formed casing, as this particular speculation was shot down by the creator of the material itself a just few days ago.

The running software for the iPhone 5 should be iOS 6, which is expected to be announced at the World Wide Developers Conference on June 11th to 15th in San Francisco. In a move to break away from rival Google, which itself supplies the popular Android platform for mobiles and tablets, Apple has allegedly decided that the version of its operating system that will likely appear on the iPhone 5 will no longer feature the Google Maps navigation app, instead a new Apple-made software will be included. However, another rumour states that Google web browser Chrome could make an appearance in iOS 6.

Before we get a bit too excited about the iPhone 5, we must remember that Apple likes to protect its intellectual property by owning all domain names that are similar to products it has released or will release in the future. Many believe that Apple will follow suit from ‘the new iPad’ and later this year reveal what will simply be known as ‘iPhone’, and referred to as ‘the new iPhone’.

Now that we’ve told you a few of the speculations surrounding the iPhone 5, you can now feel free to go over to and continually refresh the web page until something shows. If it does please let us know here at the Gadget Helpline!

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