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Apple And Tesla Competing For Talent

There’s a serious shortage of people with big experiences in the tech industry – an industry that has moved forward so fast that even professionals from the real old days are being left slightly behind with the new trends in the increasingly youth dominated world of technology.

Over at Apple and Tesla, two of the most pioneering of companies, there has been a bit of a hiring fight, as figures from 2014 have recently revealed. The two companies are always in need of talent – innovation is a group effort after all, unless you’re Elon Musk, who appears to be able to do everything by himself.

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But even an inventor on the same level as Wallace (yes we went there) needs a team behind him to orchestrate the various vehicular designs over at Musk’s Tesla. As such Apple has been hard pressed to get their hands on techies thanks to Musk’s vision. The iPhone manufacturer reportedly saw 150 employees being poached from within their ranks by the car maker, including admin staff a swell as engineers.

The seriously attractive concept of being part of the very first serious electric car maker, as well as the appeal of working for Musk, proved to be the reason behind employees decision to move, according to those who made the transition between the companies. Tesla’s work attracts those of a similar mindset that Apple looks for in employees, this also potentially being a reason in itself.

To build all of this, Apple needs as many employees as possible.

Apple of course is always looking for those with the ambition and the ideas to build the next big thing to come out of the company – and apparently are looking to attract Tesla employees back into their fold, offering a huge, ridiculous, massive sum of $250,000 as a signing bonus to those who defect. That incredible amount of money apparently has only sway a few of Teslas’s own, says Musk.

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Back in the day Steve Jobs was gracing this humble planet, Apple made a big name of itself as a company with a figurehead, Jobs, who was greatly celebrated for his inventions and his position as Apple’s front man. Elon Musk fits a lot of the same descriptions, he’s got the ambition, inventing talent and position as a figurehead as Jobs. If anyone was to choose someone to emulate, the late and great Jobs isn’t a bad choice.

Tech industry education is booming, and the availability of graduates in the field is booming – if you have degree level skills in tech production no doubt you’ll get snapped up sooner or later. However, experience, particularly of new internet technologies, is even more attractive. Either way, if you’ve got the skills, you’re a hot commodity right now.

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