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Netflix to Make Live-Action Zelda Series

Nintendo’s famous Zelda series has been one of the most loved, most commonly remembered game series of late, with N64 title Ocarina of Time and more modern additions to the series being the most fondly remembered by gamers. It’s now been announced by original series creator and TV streaming site Netflix that the game is going to get the TV series treatment.

Netflix have been previously known for their adaptations of TV shows based on Marvel superheroes as well as the runaway success story Orange Is The New Black, which is one of the site’s biggest hits to date. Now the site is set bring about a Zelda series, which reportedly is said to be akin to a more family orientated version of Game Of Thrones.

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Dispensing with ultra violence might be tricky for Netflix to get die hard modern fantasy fans on board, but if it’s a good adaptation the Zelda theme might just make up for the more gruesome scenes that attract fans to Game Of Thrones. The existence of the series was leaked to the Wall Street Journal by an anonymous tipster, but for now Netflix and Nintendo have remained tight lipped on the show’s existence.

Previously Zelda has seen tv adaptations, older fans of the series from way back in the 80’s might remember a cartoon show based on the games, although many considered it a shoddy attempt to cash in on the Zelda hype of the day. Whilst the show failed to resurface, it did spawn the catchphrase “Well excuuuse me, Princess” which for a time was a popular in-joke online.

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Other Nintendo based movies have appeared, including a much loved and extremely cringe worthy (in a good way) Super Mario Bros movie which starred pornography icon Ron Jeremy as the titular plumber. The movie was a celebrated flop, but the 1993 cult classic still remains somewhat popular in some circles. Check it out for a few cheap laughs and an abundance of odd.

As for Netflix’s Zelda, one hopes it does eventually make it to production, although there is a possibility that this latest rumor might not see the light of day. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for any hot new news that comes out of either Nintendo or Netflix in the coming year. If you can’t wait until then, here’s this iconic piece of material.

Source: Wall Street Journal