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Apple Thunderbolt gear now available – Expensive file transfer goodies to rival USB

Thunderbolt gear from Apple is now up for grabs through Apple Store online – The new file transfer kit looks to revolutionise the way data is shifted from one device to another and pull the plug on USB!

Apple are so confident in their new data share wares that the first range of RAID kit available supporting the Thunderbolt I/O system is actually called Promise.

The Promise Pegasus range comes in a series of versions from 4TB to 8TB. The 4-Terrabyte version is “the first four-bay high-performance hardware RAID solutions designed to unleash the raw power of Thunderbolt” the Apple Store website boasts. Four 1TB 7200-rpm hard drives and providing over 500MB/s of disk performance within a tidy RAID casing – supporting RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10. The unit comes with 2 Thunderbolt ports and is compatible with Mac computers featuring Thunderbolt support. This, believe it or not, is the lightweight version – Costing only £769.00.

The 8TB Promise Pegasus resembles it’s little sibling in style – but those four 7200-rpm hard drives become 2TB and the price reflects that weighing in at £1,089.00!

And we haven’t even got around to the cables – sold separately (of course) – link your iMac or MacBook Pro to peripherals via cable or use Target Disk Mode between two Thunderbolt supporting Macs for £39.99 per 2metre length – all available through the Apple Store now.

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