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Apple TV Update coming for Cloud based TV streaming

Customers in the US with and Apple TV set-top box will be the first to receive cloud based downloading via a new software update which will allow users to buy shows from iTunes and watch them on-demand over the cloud.

The latest software update is 4.3 and will allow users access to the recently launched (Apple Cloud service Beta test) so that users will be able to choose from the full iTunes selection and buy them outright to watch repeatedly unlike the old time limited viewing period.

One of the issues of the Apple TV is the lack of storage so the inclusion of Cloud asked streaming to the devices has the potential to open up the Apple TV set top boxes to a much wider range of television and videos.

The update will also bring along a Purchased tab for all of you previously purchased shows so if you wanted to re-watch that old episode of Glee you downloaded or submerge yourself in some classic in your library you will be able to via the loud.

Unfortunately none of the new cloud services are available for movies in iTunes but we are sure this is just a preliminary thing and will change once cloud has covered our world.

Our cousins in the US will be getting the update over the next couple of days so look out for the update prompt and hopefully us in the Uk and Europe will be getting a roll-out in the coming months.

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