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Apple looking to provided unlimited iTunes downloads

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According to Bloomberg, Apple are investigating ways in which they can give iTunes customers unlimited downloads on purchased items, with multiple device users in mind.

Bloomberg quote three people with knowledge of Apple’s plans, who say that Apple are in talks with some record companies already such as Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. The Cupertino company are reportedly looking to give iTunes music buyers easier access to their songs on multiple devices.

Apple want to give iTunes customers a permanent backup of their purchased music, so that once it has been purchased it can be redownloaded an unlimited number of times, to different iOS devices. This notion fits in with the rumours we’ve been hearing of a cloud-based iTunes system, and would give customers who own more than one iOS device the chance to buy music once and use it on multiple devices without having to re-purchase.

There isn’t a specific time frame given for Apple’s plans, though Bloomberg say that 2 of their 3 sources spoke of a midyear announcement.

Via: Bloomberg