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Apple’s new “Lightning” connector and “Earpod” headphones leaked

Since the run up to today’s Apple iPhone and iPod announcement we have had leaked images and information surrounding two accessories for the forthcoming iPhone 5, and just hours away from their official unveiling a report is coming in that the new smaller connector will be renamed “Lightning” and the new look Apple earphones will now be called Apple “Earpods”.

With Apple themselves gearing up to showcase all of the new tech, a few titbits of information have slipped out, and in this case the two new names for the Apple products and the confirmation of old rumours.

The information comes from 9to5Mac who say that sources are confirming the two new features of the Apple iPhone products. We can assume that the name of the proposed 19 pin dock connector cable called Lightning is to coincide with Apple’s own Mac Thunderbolt cables, which offer a higher speed cable connection.

The newly designed Apple headphones are a step away from the traditional and iconic Apple earbuds of the past (which many of us are shocked have stayed around so long!) The earphones may or may not come packaged with the new iPhone 5 but with the new “Earpod” name we can pretty much assume they will be a feature of the rumoured updated iPod range of devices.


The changes to the earphones will be minimal but with a new cable connector many old (and current accessories) will be made redundant, so we will be interested to see if Apple can offer a solution to upgraders or if they will simply not care and make all of their customers buy new accessories such as speaker docks.

All will be revealed in the next few hours so stay tuned!

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