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Asda slashes Wii U price for the second time to £149/£199

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UK supermarket Asda has seen fit to slash yet another £50 off the price of the Nintendo Wii U, bringing the prices down to just £149 and £199 for the Basic and Premium packs respectively.

The new prices are the lowest you’ll find for Nintendo’s latest console, which is a bad sign when the Japanese gaming giant is hoping stand toe-to-toe with Sony and Microsoft, who both plan to launch next-gen consoles later this year.

The Wii was originally launched just six months ago, priced at £249/£299. Four months later, in March, Asda dropped the price to £199/£249 for both models, and now just two months later the price has fallen again.

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The supermarket seems to be leading the pack in terms of discounts on the console, and at the moment it’s unclear as to whether other retailers will follow the trend and also lower their prices.

To date Nintendo has sold around 3.5 million Wii U consoles and recent financial results showed that the company missed sales targets that itself had revised due to poor initial sales. On the upside, there are a number of big franchise games coming to the console later this year which Ninty hopes will improve sales. New Super Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, Pikmin and Call of Duty titles are planned.

With these new games on the way, the price of the Wii U at Asda right now seems very tempting to us!