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Augmented Reality contact lenses a step closer.. after testing on rabbits

Scientific and technological research on delivering Augmented Reality through contact lenses is closer than ever. The University of Washington says that the stuff of Star Trek is coming and this seemingly frightening reality is perfectly safe after conducting testing – on rabbits.

AR delivers a virtual and often 3D view of a digital image and is typically found in newer mobiles phones and portable games consoles. The mind dare not imagine how the unsuspecting rabbit would be treated in whatever ‘testing’ could refer to and how ‘positive feedback’ would be recorded from the creature, but research into antennas, radio chips and control circuitry” has actually produced a prototype which could be used on a human wearer in the future (still not totally confidence inspiring).

From findings in focus, depth perception and light sources, the model can currently deliver emails to the eye, but only in very close range to a wireless battery and with further research into the flexible lens the University of Washington believes it can deliver more complex pixel constructs and at some point even fast moving imagery and gaming content through the lens.

However, we don’t expect the bunnies were enjoying a game of Raving Rabbids. They were probably frantic with fear and put down after their ordeal. The things we justify in the name of “scientific research”.      

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