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Back to the Future trainers? Nike tease sci-fi footwear to become reality!

There was a time called ‘the 80s’ when the year 2015 seemed so far into the future it was practically the stuff of sci-fi. Gadgets and technology which escaped man’s reach at the time appeared on the big screen, fuelling the imaginations and aspirations of a generation. To be fair, it’s been pretty disappointing to reach a new millennium to find that many of those promises are broken, but Nike are doing something to remedy our shattered dreams..


In 1989, we were treated to ‘better-than-the-original’ time-travel sequel to Back to the Future – Part II. Set in 1985 and 2015, we saw more of those examples of gadgets we could only dream to own. From what we know we’re not much nearer to a hover-car but trendy shoemaker Nike is teasing that one of the items seen on screen will be coming our way sooner than we think.

In a new viral video hitting the social web today, we see “Marty’s closet” full of the very same self-lacing light-up boots that Michael J. Fox’s BTTF2 character Marty McFly sports in the year 2015 and 4-years ahead of movie timeline these are expected to become reality in coming months.

Nike is said to be presenting the Air Mag footwear at a press conference later today and event invites are ‘signed’ by Doc. Emmett Brown himself which seems to suggest so – along with the news that Nike actually did file a patent on these badboys last year – it seems one of our childhood fantasy must-haves will soon become more than imagination.

We can’t wait to see these boots in action – throw in a Hover-Board and we’ll be one step closer to the future we were promised more than 20 years ago!