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Only in Japan! Real-life ‘Iron Man’ makes Heavy Metal Mechas

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How about this for some Heavy Metal?

A Japanese anime fan, and son of an ironsmith, has created some ultra-cool titans out of scrap metal! Following in the family trade, Kogoro Kurata cut, shaped and constructed musical instruments using his inherent iron-mongering skills, before moving onto bigger things – and addressing his county’s love of armour-suited ‘mechas’ and giant robots.


A real-life “Iron Man”, Kurata makes his mechas inspired by Japanese sci-fi comics and animation and has recreated robots from popular cartoons such as Armored Trooper Votoms. His current project is called Kuratasu and is a 13-foot high walking mechanical monster, featuring control cockpit designed for one, diesel engine, a wheel on each leg allowing the robot to move, as well as controllable arms. All of his detailed work includes the most intricate joints and using down to the smallest of screws to make the mechas magnificent. 

The iron used in traditional Japanese weaponry is Kurata’s material of choice, but it’s not easy to come across due to the country’s humid climate which equals to rusting of the precious iron. What he can get his hands on he certainly makes the most of as you can see.

For more of Kogoro Kurata’s mecha-masterpieces check out his blog entitled ‘I Can Make Anything’. It’s a boast he can certainly back up!

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Source: Kotaku