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Battlefield 1 Announced with Official Reveal Trailer

Battlefield 1 is coming. Has been announced. Has blown my mind. Dice revealed to the world on the 6th of this month the absolutely stunningly produced reveal trailer for the latest iteration of their Battlefield franchise.

Taking its numerical designation from the World War in which it’s going to be based, Battlefield 1 drove the point home with one of the most atmospheric trailers I’ve seen, a heady mix of gameplay and scripted moments all carefully interwoven with a remix of Seven Nation Army by the Glitch Mob.

The trailer itself took us on a roller coaster ride of set pieces and features across the numerous warzones of the First World War, taking us from trenches, to deserts, to chateaus, and forests. Battles were showcased from a variety of perspectives, from droves of infantry charges through tightly packed explosions and waves of mustard gas, to aerial dogfights between biplanes and triplanes.

It’s the same classic Battlefield chaos we know and love transported to the horror of the First World War. It’s a refreshing change of pace from the grungy modern shooters we’ve become used to, speckled with glitzy futuristic warfare. Now we have Airships, cavalry charges, and mustard gas attacks.

A number of features have already been announced no doubt with plenty more to filter through between now and the October 21st release date (October 18th for the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition Pre-orders), promise of authentic weaponry with authentic attachments, return of a server browser for consoles, and a host of new and old game types.

We all wait with baited breath for new information to come trickling down to expectant ears, but at the very least we know the game engine is going to have this particular iteration looking phenomenal.