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Smart Alternatives: Dlodlo V One – The Powerful, Fashionable VR Glasses

For the first time we’ve decided to extend our Smart Alternatives feature to include a virtual reality headset because we’d like to introduce you to the “world’s first portable VR glass” – a fashionable headset called Dlodlo V One.

The Chinese-made Dlodlo V One was just shown off in Shanghai at the CES Asia tech event as a follow-up to the more traditional looking H One VR headset. The V One is notably much smaller and more sleek than its predecessor and the bulky facial attachments that we’ve seen so far from the likes of the Facebook-owned Oculus and Sony PlayStation brands. Nostalgia fans may also see an undeniable resemblance to the shades worn by cartoon superhero Plastic Man (if that’s not cool we don’t know what is). But don’t let appearances fool you – these glasses offer some serious eye candy with features to rival those other guys’ headsets.

Let’s check some specs of these spectacular spectacles:

The glasses weigh in at just 78g with an overall measurement of 163.3mm x 54.4mm x 30.3mm. Being so light and slight they are going to sit nicely on the face comfortably and allow some movement of the head without fear of them dropping off the end of your nose. They’ll also pop snuggly in a shirt pocket when not in use, but despite being referred to as fashionable, with a choice of black, silver and champion gold frames, we don’t think they’d really be intended for replacing your actual set of sunnies.

Technically speaking, the lenses of the Dlodlo V One offer 2560 x 1024 pixel resolution per eye accommodating pupil scale of 70mm to 90mm – Dwarfing the Oculus Rift’s 1080 x 1200 per eye. Also featured is fully immersive 3D viewing with 100-degree field of vision and generous consideration of people with myopia, or short-sightedness.

To use the glasses you will need a compatible Android smart device to stream all your VR video content from – or the supplied Dlodlo D-Box, which also uses an Android-based OS called DLOS VR ROM and with the shape of a smartphone it has a touch-sensitive control surface but no screen of its own. The D-Box comes with an ultra octa-core CPU, 4GB of RAM and external storage option of up to 128GB from the provided 32GB. It will also welcome connections from Mini HDMI, Micro USB and 3.5mm/headphone and also works with an air mouse.

Now usually we’d pick our Smart Alternatives based on affordability, but with the Dlodlo V One we just wanted you to see what the Chinese are doing to keep up their end of the Virtual Reality market and with specs that would make the guys at Oculus feel a bit nervous we think this one is well worth consideration as an alternative and is well worth the £350/$500 price tag if you’re seriously into a quality VR experience. There’s definitely plenty value for money here if you can see it.

Source: Dlodlo