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Battlefield 3 EA Servers crash on release day!

The 2011 winter of games officially started last week with the release of Batman Arkham City across PCs and Consoles, but gamers who have been eagerly awaiting this week’s big release Battlefield 3 will be getting a bit of a dull number, as upon the game debuting at 12pm this morning reports are coming in that the Battlefield servers are struggling.

EA (the makers of the game) have had several servers fail for Battlefield 3 since its release last night at midnight, and the issues don’t seem to be rectifying themselves quickly, which is leaving game owners feeling frustrated with the online multiplayer.

Gamers are reporting copious amounts of lag on the online games as well as game dropouts, glitches and slow matchmaking, making the multiplayer an infuriating experience on its initial release day. Eventually EA’s online servers went completely offline, making the Battlefield 3 multiplayer system inaccessible.

Gamers on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 have all been experiencing issues with the Battlefield 3 servers and as a result thousands of angry customers have been taking to Twitter and Facebook to moan. DICE’s Battlefield 3 Community Manager Daniel Matros announced on Twitter that EA would be performing server ‘maintenance’ that it was hoped would last 20 minutes.

Matros later added a further statement of “I honestly don’t have an ETA right now. As soon as I do, I will post it.”

Battlefield 3 has recently had an extensive online multiplayer Beta to test the online experience and the server capabilities, and users were hoping that this Beta test would iron out all of the issues that were experienced whilst playing.

But with the Beta test and the knowledge that Battlefield had taken over three million in pre-orders, why were EA and DICE not prepared?

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