BBC to Broadcast 2012 Olympic Events to Everyone in 3D

Provided you have a 3D TV, you’ll be able to catch select events from the London Olympic Games in 3D with no strings attached, thanks to the BBC.

The British Broadcasting Corporation has announced its plans to broadcast several events from the games in 3D via Freeview and Freesat. This means you don’t need a Sky or Virgin box in order to see athletes popping out of your TV screen, although both will also be broadcasting events in 3D.

So what exactly will be shown in 3D? Unfortunately not everything, although some of the real gems will be getting the third dimension. The Men’s 100m sprint, the opening and closing ceremonies and also a nightly highlights show will all be shown in 3D.

The BBC has planned to bring the Olympic Games to our homes in 3D since 2009, and last year tested out the same format at Wimbledon.

The BBC’s Roger Mosey outlined the plan in an official blog:

We’ve chosen these events partly because they mark the pinnacles of the Games but also to minimise the loss of HD that is a consequence of our 3D service.

The aim, then, is to showcase 3D for the biggest moments but to preserve choice in a world of conflicting demands.”

Events will be shown in 3D on the BBC HD channel, but don’t worry if you don’t have a 3D TV or 3D isn’t your thing, you can stick to BBC 1 for good old 2D in standard definition.

We’re still not completely sold on 3D here at Gadget Helpline, but something as epic as the Olympic Games opening ceremony is something we’re eager to see in 3D. As for the Men’s 100m sprint, we’re wondering if the speed of Mr Usain Bolt will make the 3D a blur!

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Source: BBC Blog



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