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BBC to Broadcast 2012 Olympics in Super Hi Vision

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The BBC has announced it will be broadcasting events from the London 2012 Olympic Games in Super Hi Vision quality on three 15-metre high screens for public viewing.

Super Hi Vision is a picture quality far better than HD – a resolution 16 times than of High Definition in fact – though at present the BBC’s plans are limited to these gargantuan public screenings.

Fifteen-metre high screens will be erected in three locations across the UK: The BBC’s Pacific Quay building in Glasgow, The National Media Museum in Bradford and at BBC Broadcasting House, London. The public are welcome to gather at any of the three locations to watch events from the Games for free, in incredible quality.

Despite the screens being so big, the picture quality is still phenomenal thanks to the Super Hi Vision quality. If you think Full HD on your living room TV is crisp and detailed, try to think of something 16 times better and you’ll be somewhere close to the quality shown on these huge screens.

Even if you’re not a sports fan we would strongly recommend getting to see one of these screens if you can – this sort of technology is not expected to be available in living room television sets until sometime near 2012.

Sharp are currently developing a whopping 85-inch TV set that can display Super Hi Vision quality, though we won’t be seeing anything retail-ready for a long time yet.

Will you be getting down to one of the huge screens to get your fill of Super Hi Vision sporty action? Let us know what you think of the technology by adding a comment below.

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