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BBC iPlayer Streaming Now Extended to 30 Days

The BBC has announced that all TV and radio programmes on its on-demand service iPlayer will now be available for at least 30 days.

Since BBC iPlayer launched in 2007 top telly such as Doctor Who would only be accessible for seven days after the initial air date but thanks to newly sealed deals with rights holders content will now remain on the BBC iPlayer’s streaming library for a full month. This means more viewing opportunity as catch-up can be done at any point in the 30 day period or viewers can time travel back to watch an episode of a selected TV show all over again as many times as their heart desires (which is useful if you have two of them.)

The same applies for BBC Radio broadcasts and some current affairs programming such as Panorama and Question Time will be available for a full year with other availability exceptions made to BBC Four Collections. Expiry dates for programmes will appear in the programme description as the interface will be modified in upcoming updates.

In its press release the BBC says this is part of a top-to-bottom rebuild of various systems of the iPlayer platform which will be updated on devices where the service is available and these include laptops and PCs, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, games consoles, Smart TVs and other smart devices such as TiVo and YouView.

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With so much choice in TV today it becomes hard to stay on top of every episode of The Great British Bake Off but the Beeb are making it a whole lot easier to keep up with the massive selection of top shows it offers. More details of the new scheme are available to view at the BBC Blog.