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BBC launches dedicated iPlayer Radio app for iPhone, iPad and PC

In a bid to refresh its services and make them easier to use wherever you are, the BBC has launched a new service called BBC iPlayer Radio for its audio-only broadcasts.

BBC iPlayer Radio will be the equivalent of the very popular iPlayer, which provides live and on-demand content from the BBC’s TV channels. It’s the new version of what used to be known as the Radio and Music Product, and it will be available on iOS devices and PCs first of all.

The refreshed service will be available as a free app download from the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as of tomorrow, as well as on PC and Mac via a website at a later date. Just like iPlayer, it will bring in options for listening to radio live as it happens, as well as on-demand catch-up features.

On-demand content has been vastly improved, with clips, previous shows, videos and other downloads available easily. The app itself looks pretty nifty too, with a clever touchscreen dial on offer to flick through the Beeb’s fine selection of radio stations with ease – all 57 of them. The app even integrates an alarm clock feature, which will kick start your day by tuning in to a particular radio station, set by you.

Program alerts can be set to automatically switch the app on to your favourite show, while specific program and station pages bring in the latest catch-up content, news, video clips for your favourite station.

The BBC confirmed it has developed a version of iPlayer Radio for both iOS and Android, but it is the iOS version that will launch first, with the Android version “coming soon”. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users will be able to get their hands on the new app as of tomorrow, October 9th.

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