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BBC Switching To HTML5 Support For Videos Across Its Websites

Interestingly, the BBC has conducted a study that now shows that 80 percent of all web videos are now available in HTML5 players.

And since performing this study, the BBC has now announced that it also intends to switch to the new standard for its video playback on all regular and news based BBC sites – including mobile versions as well.

This is not just a sudden decision by the BBC, it has been testing HTML5 for a considerable time, and the broadcasting company feels that now is the right time to make the switch. In fact, it has had some criticism for the amount of time it has taken to adopt HTML5, however the BBC had concerns about how it would be able to protect its videos from being re-distributed without the DRM that is available in the flash based player.

The BBC is not the first company to change direction with regards to its video players, companies such as Amazon and Lovefilm have already made the switch to HTML5. However, it would appear that the transition may be slow, the BBC are not going to fully implement HTML5 just yet, as sites will still use Flash video when possible on both desktop and notebook systems.

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