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BlackBerry 10’s WebKit browser is faster than iPhone and Windows Phone

Until BlackBerry 10 is officially launched on January 30th, we’ll never know everything about it. However, we’re picking up little pieces of knowledge as we go along, and recently we’ve learnt that the built in browser is fast – really fast.

The folk over at The Gadget Masters recently put BlackBerry 10 against Windows Phone 8 and iOS see which browser would load pages that fastest. The contenders were an iPhone 5, the Windows Phone 8X by HTC, and the Dev Alpha B, which isn’t even a finished product.

Apple boasted super-fast loading times with Safari in iOS 6 thanks to some new tweaks, but in the video below you’ll see BlackBerry 10’s WebKit browser knock it out of the park. Loading the same page simultaneously, the BB10 phone seems to have everything on the screen a good second or two before the iPhone.

Microsoft also waxed lyrical on how fast its Internet Explorer browser in Windows Phone 8 is, and in tests against iPhone and Android in the past we’ve been impressed. In a HTML5 browser test BB10 scores much higher than the Windows Phone, loading pages faster as well.

We’ve had some hands on time with the browser ourselves and we were impressed with how zippy it was, although being a beta version of the software there were some rendering issues with certain webpages, which we’re sure will be ironed out come the final launch.